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Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Law

Every day, Law Office Of Roosevelt Nesmith bankruptcy law trustees provide relief to businesses, families and people like you who are thinking about declaring bankruptcy. Our services are completely confidential. We work to quickly eliminate the exhaustion and stress you feel from being consumed by debt and harassed by creditors.

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Civil Litigation

Law Office Of Roosevelt Nesmith civil litigation experts work closely with you to ease the stress and streamline the process of understanding and filing for civil litigation.

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Commercial Law

We are the local commercial law experts known for expediting results and formulating intelligent, forward-thinking legal strategy. Our deep understanding of regulation and generations of experience give us the unique ability to anticipate your needs producing actionable options that align with your business goals.

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Corporate Law

Our corporate law team leads the way in business transaction facilitation, contract arrangements, governance and complex cases involving companies of every size. Our primary focus is on reaching your business goals through due diligence and experienced strategy provision.

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Criminal Law

With hundreds of successful judge and jury trials under our belts, our criminal law defense strategies are among the most forward-thinking in the country. Facing criminal charges alone can be overwhelming and cause you a lot of unnecessary stress, especially since receiving one negative ruling can impact the rest of your life.

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Elder Law

Compassion for dedicated elder law advocacy and superior service is what sets us apart from others in our field. We are gentle, supportive law professionals who have been working to protect the rights of seniors for a number of years.

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Estate Law

Our clients turn to us for trusted legal guidance on a variety of complex estate planning matters because we have a history of building long-term success and prosperity for you. Our tailored financial and legal strategy puts your goals and expectations first, paving the way to the preservation of your wealth throughout future generations.

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Family Law

Mediation is a mandatory step in most family law cases, and can be a dissatisfactory process if you are not working with a mediator who understands this area of the law, local regulations, rulings and similar case trials.

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Immigration Law

Leaving your home country and establishing yourself and family members in a new country can be daunting, especially when things like communication present challenges. We make ourselves available to you for guidance and assistance when you need it.

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Labor and Employment Law

Employment law only protects you if you know your rights. When something happens in the work environment, most people don’t have the time to spend investigating the complexities of regional law, cases rulings and similar court decisions—they need help right away. That’s where we come in.

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Personal Injury

We protect the rights of you and your loved ones who have been hurt or fatally injured. We are well-known for providing comprehensive solutions and ferociously defending your rights, entitlements and best interests.

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Real Estate Law

Our top real estate lawyers have been working with individuals and business organizations for a number of years offering advanced legal guidance in all areas of property law. The breadth of our knowledge covers a wide range of practice areas.

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